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The College Basketball Board has turned into crap

When I first started posting on a normal basis this was the best board to post about sports.  Be it CBB, Football, or MLB.  Within the last year or so it has gone down the crapper.  Vote off threads, political garbage, and personal trash has gotten out of hand. 

The People's Poster now spends his time on other boards to pass the time and talk a little trash.  What are some other thoughts on this board?  Am I the only person with these views?

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Posted on: May 8, 2008 5:50 pm
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OMG you guys should have seen my poop earlier.  It must have wrapped around the toilet three times!!!


Please Come on in and tell of your TURD TALES!!

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Posted on: March 4, 2008 7:56 pm

Brett Favre, I raise my Highlife and tip my cap

SEVENTEEN YEARS,  as a Packer fan I've been spoiled and it's hard to say goodbye.  To anyone that isn't a Packer fan, you have no idea how this feels.  Brett is an average Joe that stepped on the field each and every week unknowingly carrying the hopes and dreams of all of us.  For those of us that never quite made it, we lived our lives on Sundays through him and his right arm.  We felt the highs, the lows and the triumphs from personal tragedy. 

What makes a man?  Admitting faults, rising up in the face of adversity, handling success, accepting defeat.  Brett has done all this for the world to see.  At times with critics throwing it in his face.  There was never a complaint from him.  Brett Favre is the greatest player I have ever seen, statistics don't do him justice.  As fans we know his true worth to this team and this franchise.  It is the end of an era and hopefully the beginning of a new one with great things to come.  Right now, I just want to honor the man that has brought so much pride to being a Packer fan.  Congrats on a great career Brett, you left when you felt it was time.


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Posted on: January 18, 2008 6:47 pm

Packers vs Giants the NFC showdown

The Packers are one step away from the Super Bowl!  I'm really impressed when I watch interviews with the players and also their demeanor so far during the playoff run.  I can't help but notice they seem to have the belief that anything less than the SB is a dissappointment.  I have to admitt I see a large advantage for the Packers coming into the game with the Giants, but as we all know, it's up to the players to execute in order for the better team to win.  Don't get me wrong, I think the Giants are a solid team, but Green Bay should win this game and move on to the Super Bowl.

Packers Offense >  Giants Defense

In my opinion the Packers offense has improved more than any unit in the league since the start of the season and much of that has to do with the emergance of Ryan Grant.  The first half of the season the Packers were dependant on Favre's arm to put points on the board.  All that talk last week of Seattle's front seven and Grant comes out and puts up two hundred yards on them.  The Giants will have to gameplan for him and the huge holes that this offensive line has been opening up for him.  I have said all year that the Giant's secondary isn't good,  their success has been a product of their defensive line.  Yes, Osi, Strahan and co. have lead the league in sacks this year but I don't think this will be the case against the Packers.  The Offensive line has given up 19 sacks the entire season and we have two tremondous tackles which should negate the pass rush of Osi and Strahan.  If the Packers continue to spread the field the Giants will have a huge decision to make.  That is whether to blitz or only rush four.  If they rush four, I expect Brett to have enough time to find the open receiver and if they Giants decide to blitz  the short drops and routes will be open.  Remember, the Packers lead the league in YAC,  all Brett has to do is get the ball to them.  The Giants secondary is also banged up a bit right now, which should continue to give the Pack an edge in this one.

Packers Defense > Giants offense

The Pack will load the line against the Giants putting the success directly on the shoulders of Harris and Woodson.  There's no way the Giants get their running game going in this one.  The defensive line has proved week in and week out that they can force opposing offenses into 2nd and 3rd and long.  I'm not buying into Eli when he's constantly faced with having to throw on long downs against our secondary.  I think the Giants will struggle to put points on the board let alone touchdowns on this Green Bay defense.

Packers Special Teams = Giants Special Teams

The Packers special teams have been solid this year and I see that continuing this week against the Giants.  Mason Crosby is the leading scorer and should have success if he has to put the ball through the uprights.  I don't see the Giants having much for returns either.  The Pack have played fundemenally sound all year on kick offs and punts playing the lanes extremely well.

McCarthy > Coughlin

MM should have been coach of the year this year.  He and the coaching staff have prepared solid game plans week in and week out this season and I can't help but think that the Giants will see something this week that the team hasn't shown all year. 

The weather shouldn't be an issue this weekend,  the players can deal with the cold and there isn't expected to be much of a wind.  I expect many formation looks like last week and a very balanced attack.  I don't think the Pack will lose this one.

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